Autism Spectrum Disorders

Autism spectrum disorders affects the way in which an individual perceives and socializes with others. This can lead to problems in social interaction and communication.

We understand the thought of your child being socially isolated and having trouble making friends can lead to uneasy feelings. With continuing advances and understandings in Autism, your child can have the bright future you’ve always wanted for them.

1 in 45 children will be diagnosed with Autism. Signs of Autism Spectrum disorders often don’t show until the child is over one-year old but can appear in infancy in the form of lacking eye contact or showing indifference to caregivers.

At The Speech & Language Centers of Excellence, we can help you and your child create a fulfilling life. Our advanced therapeutic techniques combined with a compassionate and nurturing environment will help your child achieve the social skills he or she needs in order to thrive in the world.

Here are a few signs to be aware of that may indicate you should bring your child in for an evaluation:

  1. Before 1 Year:

    • Lack of smile or happy expression
    • Doesn’t mimic your sounds or facial expression
    • No babbling or cooing
  2. Between 12-18 Months:

    • Doesn’t gesture
    • Not speaking
    • Doesn’t play pretend
  3. After 18 Months

    • Doesn’t say two-word phrases
    • Loses language or social skills

With the right skills and training, your child can experience a great childhood and have the life you want them to have. Contact The Speech & Language Centers of Excellence to learn how you can gain the tools to ensure you and your child have a rewarding life.