Voice therapy

Is your child abusing his/her voice? Do they frequently yell like they would as if they were playing sports? Are you worried that your child’s speech is being affected from the quality of his or her voice?

These are examples that your child may need voice therapy.

At The Speech & Language Centers of Excellence, our speech therapist will treat your child’s voice disorder using evidence-based therapies and programs with an emphasis on education of healthy vocal hygiene.

Let us help your child cope with his/her voice disorder and provide the confidence to have a positive social experience.

Signs and symptoms that may signal vocal issues include:

  • Disorders of resonance-hyper or hypo nasality
  • Callous like growth on the vocal cords caused by vocal abuse
  • Vocal polyps
  • Vocal hoarseness
  • Incorrect pitch

If you feel your child may be showing signs of a voice disorder, it is best to start treatment earlier.

Contact us to learn more about whether your child needs voice therapy.